CAPEXIL and How to Obtain CAPEXIL Certificate in India

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CAPEXIL is a premier export promotion organization in India. Established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, CAPEXIL is dedicated to the promotion and development of exports of chemical and allied products. CAPEXIL serves as a bridge between Indian exporters and international markets, aiming to enhance the competitiveness and marketability of Indian products in the global arena. The organization works closely with various stakeholders, including government bodies, industry associations, and export promotion councils, to support and facilitate the export of a wide range of products falling under the chemical and allied sectors.

What is CAPEXIL certification?

CAPEXIL certificate is a quality certification provided by the Chemical and Allied Products Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL) in India. CAPEXIL, a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, offers this certification to exporters in the chemical and allied product sectors. The primary aim of CAPEXIL certification is to ensure the quality and safety of products being exported from India, which can enhance their competitiveness in international markets.

The key features of CAPEXIL certification include:

  1. Quality Assurance: CAPEXIL certification ensures that products conform to specified quality and safety standards, meeting international requirements and standards. This quality assurance is essential to demonstrate the high quality of Indian products.
  2. Competitiveness: Having CAPEXIL certification can enhance the competitiveness of Indian products in the global market. It provides an assurance of quality and safety, which can help attract international buyers and consumers.
  3. Smooth Customs Clearance: Many countries and regions have specific quality and safety requirements for imported goods. CAPEXIL certification can facilitate smoother customs clearance for Indian exporters by demonstrating compliance with international standards.
  4. Consumer Confidence: The certification enhances consumer confidence in Indian products. Buyers and consumers abroad can trust that the products have met the necessary quality and safety criteria.
  5. Government Incentives: In some cases, CAPEXIL certification may make exporters eligible for government incentives and benefits, further supporting their international trade efforts.
  6. Prerequisite for Export: CAPEXIL certification is often a prerequisite for exporting certain categories of products, especially in the chemical and allied sectors. It allows Indian exporters to access international markets.

Objectives of CAPEXIL certificate

The objectives of CAPEXIL Certification are as follows:

  1. Promote Export: CAPEXIL aims to promote the export of chemical and allied products from India. By setting and maintaining high-quality standards, the organization helps Indian exporters access global markets.
  2. Enhance Competitiveness: CAPEXIL certification is designed to enhance the competitiveness of Indian chemical and allied products in the international market. It ensures that these products meet or exceed the quality and safety standards of importing countries.
  3. Protect Interests: CAPEXIL works to protect the interests of Indian chemical and allied products exporters and importers. By ensuring that products meet international standards, the organization helps prevent trade disputes and disruptions.
  4. Build Trust: The certification scheme aims to build trust and confidence among international buyers and consumers. It assures them that Indian products are of high quality, safe to use, and adhere to established global standards.
  5. Facilitate Trade: CAPEXIL certification facilitates international trade by ensuring that Indian exports comply with the quality and safety regulations of importing countries. This can lead to smoother customs clearance and fewer trade barriers.
  6. Promote Indian Products: By certifying the quality of Indian chemical and allied products, CAPEXIL contributes to the positive reputation and image of Indian goods in the global market.
  7. Support Growth: CAPEXIL certification supports the growth of the Indian chemical and allied products industry by expanding market access and increasing the competitiveness of Indian products.

Benefits of CAPEXIL certificate

The benefits of CAPEXIL certification are substantial and can greatly impact Indian chemical and allied products exporters. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Market Access: CAPEXIL certification opens doors to international markets by ensuring that Indian products meet the quality and safety standards of importing countries. This expanded market access can lead to increased export opportunities.
  2. Enhanced Reputation: Certification from CAPEXIL enhances the reputation and image of Indian exporters. It signals to international buyers that the products meet or exceed global quality standards, leading to greater trust and confidence.
  3. Reduced Customs Delays: With CAPEXIL certification, the likelihood of customs delays or rejections due to non-compliance with import regulations is minimized. This can result in quicker customs clearance and reduced logistics costs.
  4. Competitive Edge: Certified products are more competitive in the international market. They can command higher prices and gain a competitive edge over non-certified counterparts.
  5. Customer Confidence: CAPEXIL certification assures international customers of the quality and safety of Indian products. This builds trust and confidence, encouraging repeat business and long-term relationships.

How to obtain CAPEXIL certificate in India

Obtaining CAPEXIL certification in India involves a series of steps and adherence to specific guidelines. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain CAPEXIL certification:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
  • Ensure that your business falls under the category of chemical and allied products.
  • Your business should be registered in India and engaged in the production and export of chemical or allied products.
  1. Application for Membership:
  • Apply for membership with CAPEXIL. You can do this by visiting the official CAPEXIL website or contacting their office directly.
  1. Document Submission:
  • Prepare the necessary documents, which typically include product specifications, test reports, and quality management system certificates. The specific documents required may vary based on the type of products you intend to export.
  1. Application Fee:
  • Pay the application fee as per the fee schedule provided by CAPEXIL.
  1. CAPEXIL Audit:
  • Prepare for a CAPEXIL audit. The audit is conducted to verify that your products meet the quality and safety standards required for export.
  1. Audit Result:
  • If your audit is successful, CAPEXIL will issue a CAPEXIL certificate. This certificate is typically valid for one year.
  1. Renewal:
  • Remember that CAPEXIL certification needs to be renewed annually. Ensure you complete the renewal process promptly to maintain your certification.

Documents Required

The specific documents required for obtaining CAPEXIL certification may vary depending on the type of chemical and allied products your business exports. However, here is a general list of documents commonly requested during the CAPEXIL certification application process:

  1. Application Form: You will need to complete and submit the official application form for CAPEXIL membership and certification.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation: This document proves the legal registration of your business in India.
  3. Company Profile: Provide a detailed profile of your company, including information about your business operations, products, and export history.
  4. Product Specifications: Offer detailed specifications for the chemical and allied products you intend to export, including composition, technical characteristics, and intended use.
  5. Quality Management System Certificate: If your business has an established quality management system, such as ISO certification, provide the relevant certificates.
  6. Test Reports: Include test reports that demonstrate your products meet the required quality and safety standards. These tests are often conducted by accredited laboratories.
  7. Import-Export Code (IEC): A valid IEC issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is typically required.
  8. GST Certificate: Provide your Goods and Services Tax (GST) certificate, which verifies your tax registration.
  9. Financial Statements: Submit your financial statements or audit reports to demonstrate your financial stability.
  10. Bank Details: Furnish your company’s bank account details for payment purposes.
  11. Letter of Authorization: In some cases, a letter of authorization may be required to appoint a representative or consultant to liaise with CAPEXIL on your behalf.
  12. Any Other Specific Documents: CAPEXIL may request additional documents based on your product category and export activities.


CAPEXIL certification plays a crucial role in promoting the export of chemical and allied products from India. It is a voluntary certification scheme established by the Chemical and Allied Products Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL), a statutory organization under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

The key objectives of CAPEXIL certification are to enhance the competitiveness of Indian chemical and allied products in the global market, promote the export of high-quality and safe products, and protect the interests of Indian exporters and importers.

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