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“When I wanted to learn something outside of school as a kid, cracking open my World Book encyclopedia was the best I could do. Today, all you have to do is go online.” — Bill Gates

The quote describes the state of education in the current environment. People from all corners can easily get an education because of e-learning platforms. It is a big achievement in technology development. Since education has become an easy-to-access resource, students can study their preferred subject and gain knowledge. 

For the impact on the education industry, we must thank Elliot Masie who is behind this notion to bring an e-learning platform. Though e-learning has been in existence since 1999, it is booming in the last few years only. 

Do you know what the size of e-learning is now?

The global e-Learning market size was valued at USD 187.877 billion in 2020 and it is expected to reach USD 375.242 billion by 2026. I know this is a huge number. 

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to know what is the profit of developing an e-learning platform, then this article is for you. We have discussed the benefits and the future of the e-learning platform, and the reason to start the e-learning platform.

Before getting into the blog, let’s see the popular e-learning platform in a nutshell.

Udemy is an e-learning platform, which is the first e-learning platform to strike popularity. Students can study any subject with Udemy. The total number of courses available in it is 213,000. 

The udemy clone is the best solution to start an app like Udemy. You have heard about pre-made solutions. Your udemy clone has the same functionality and features as Udemy. Your business can also become popular as Udemy. 

Let’s move in!

What Are The Benefits Of Developing An E-learning Platform In 2023

The internet has simplified life a lot. From the education industry to the health industry, the impact is big. With the advanced technology of the internet, the E-learning platform has become one of the most popular platforms.

Let’s find some of the significant factors why there is a lot of hype around E-learning platforms. 

Flexible Time

In traditional classroom culture, you can access the class only at a scheduled time whereas, in online mode, you can access the class whenever you want. Despite the time and region, students can use the app at their place. Since the app can be accessed by anyone worldwide, you don’t need to be in the region to access the class. 

Time flexibility is one of the main reasons that e-learning apps are popular. This is not only benefiting students and also one who is working full-time jobs.


The cost-effectiveness of online learning is a lot cheaper when compared to a traditional classroom. Another major reason for students to go with an e-learning platform is cost-effectiveness. Also, For those who travel from a different city, online learning saves their accommodation and travel expenses.

Pace Of Learning

Every student has a different way to grab things. Some students learn quickly whereas other students take time to learn. To help those students who take time to learn, Platforms like e-learning are the best option. Websites like Udemy have solved this problem too. 

With the Udemy clone app, you can learn at their place and they can finish the class according to their preference. Also, They can even download it and restudy later. 

Sign Up For Multiple Courses

Students can use multiple courses at one time, which is the Kill two birds with one stone situation. You get courses from coding to digital marketing. One can easily enrol and use it at their convenience.

You know the popularity of Udemy clone. Now, let’s look at the business model. 

The Future Scope Of The Online Learning Platform

Though there may be several benefits in the present, your concern would be that the hype around e-learning will be in the upcoming years too. 

To clear your doubts, I share with you the growth statistics of Udemy. The total estimation of Udemy in terms of revenue is $400 million in 2020. A source has predicted that the total number of users of Udemy is $320 billion in 2025. 

To tell in profound detail,  the revolution in mobile and web development is a constant thing. Since half of the domestic and economic work is dependent on mobile and the web, your online presence with any business is not going out of the spotlight. So, you have a high scope in the future too. 

Why Should You Start An E-learning Business Like Udemy? 

Thousands of businesses are available in the market but why should you choose an e-learning business? Because education has become an expensive thing and everyone can not study the subject that they want. 

With e-learning platforms, students can study at an affordable price. Since it is affordable, more students come and your business also will grow. 

From the statistics mentioned above,  you can know it holds a big advantage. 

Build Your E-Learning App With a Udemy clone 

You know the benefits of an E-learning app. Now, let’s see why a udemy clone solution is a correct choice. 

Udemy clone applications come up with the same functionality and features as the original. Unlike custom app development, it saves a lot of time and cost. If you are an entrepreneur, a pre-made solution is the best choice. 

The reason to choose a udemy clone solution is its features. An app’s success is determined by its features. 

Check-out cart: the users can check out the cart to get the most with this streamlined technique. App users can opt for multiple courses hassle-free via this feature.

Well-Bred Dashboard: our Udemy clone script is designed for the Admin to control the application’s ecosystem. Have access to all the courses, the structure of the course, and other parameters with ease.

Track Student Report: tracking the student report option allows the instructors to track the exact progress status of the students. With this status in digital form, instructors can make quick decisions on the lags of students. 

There are more features to cover. I have incorporated a few top features of Udemy above. 

Final Thoughts: 

We have come to the final section. In this article, we have seen the Benefits of developing an udemy clone for your business, its future scope,  the reason to choose Udemy, and its features. 

I hope! You get a solution here. If you want to more about Udemy app development, contact the app development company. 

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